Skywest orders more E-175SC’s

SkyWest has placed a firm order for 20 Embraer E-175’s, including 15 of the “Special Configuration” model. These are designed to give US majors the ability to contract capacity on 70-seat jets without sacrificing business class seats.

 The order follows one last month for 25 E-175’s by SkyWest, parent of SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines. The September order included 15 E-175SC aircraft that will carry 70 passengers.

The new generation E2 has now clearly found favour with a major airline group and gives it a foothold in the US market. However Boeing still maintains Embraer have been subsidised and is pending a similar case, as it it did with Bombardier. Why Boeing thinks the CS100 and E2 series are any threat is stretching the imagination when it doesn’t compete in their market size.