Lufthansa to use 744’s on Domestic routes

Lufthansa is to start using a 747-400 on the busy Frankfurt-Berlin domestic route.  Numbers of passengers from the financial capital, established during the Cold War era, and the post-unification return to the political and administrative capital in Berlin, continue to grow at a high level.

The entire Federal Government has now moved to Berlin from Bonn, a long process that has required massive rebuilding in Berlin over thirty  years as well as finding new housing. Berlin has become a major tourist city as well.

Tegel Airport which was build to manage only a quarter of its current passeneger numbers, is overwhelmed, and slot constraints prevent more flights. With Berlin-Brandenburg Airport still sitting idle and a year from completion (pending any other failures), an increase in individual aircraft capacity was the only answer.

The 744 equipped with 67 business and 304 economy seats will run three to four times Weekdays through November on a trial basis on the 46 minute flight.