Exclusive: Virgin Atlantic to roll out new cabin and fare structure

A senior source who cannot be named gave aviationnews.online an exclusive insight into Virgin Atlantic’s future plans, both near and longer term. 

The 787-9’s will be modified to accommodate a two tier seating arrangement along the lines of Delta’s Economy Comfort, with extra legroom seats. Being increased to 36 in their own cabin zone in Economy. 

The new cabin zone will have a higher fare with additional perks, such as meals, drinks and snacks included, along with cabin baggage and checked luggage, but mostly a better service level and legroom.

The current economy fare will be retained in the current standard seats.

A new fare along the lines of Delta and BA’s basic fares, with no checked luggage and limited carry-on will also be introduced.

Premium Economy is to be retained but will loose the ‘economy’, simply becoming Virgin Atlantic Premium.

Additionally, the source confirmed, that Virgin Atlantic A350-1000’s will have an entirely new Upper Class seating arrangement.

Virgin Atlantic upper class beds are currently a flip-up and over offering which is something the crew offer to do, and they make the bed for you. This interaction with the customer is considered a personal touch and something Virgin Atlantic feel is part of what they are.

However business travellers aren’t used to it, and many  would  simply prefer to adjust the seat to a bed without the fuss.

Select customers and staff have been trialling a new flip over seat bed, a new self adjustable seat bed and a Delta One-like personal cabin with a door.

The growing influence of Delta in terms of product offering, fares and structure is perhaps sound business sense – providing Delta don’t loose the Virgin Atlantic element of style and service, in the Premium and Upper Class product lines.