Bombardier faces impossible tariffs as Boeing crows about unfair trade

The US Commerce Department inevitably ruled against Bombardier today and has said it may impose tariffs up to 219% of the retail on Bombardier CS100’s being sold to Delta which puts the 75 aircraft deal in doubt, risks Canadian jobs and up to 4,500 jobs in the U.K. where the wings are made.

Despite having itself benefitted from years of military technology subsidies from the defence department which made the Dreamliner carbon polymers possible and the 787 viable, Boeing is agitated by a 75 aircraft order that represents just 5 weeks of its own 737 production but nearly 26 months of Bombardier’s. 

Quite understandably the Canadian Government has made it clear if tariffs are imposed, Boeing can say goodbye to the F-18 replacement deal. 

This is the epitome of capitalism and trade going completely wrong. Canada did what any good government would do, it bailed out with loans, a vital strategic industry and safeguarded thousands of high paying jobs for the future. It really wouldn’t have made a real different to Boeing. It’s spiteful and it’s shameful that any mega-Corp should be so vindictive when it would almost certainly gain nothing from the result except kill the opposition with whom it barely competes.