AirBerlin outlines what Lufthansa and easyJet will get

The emphasis from AirBelrin’s managers is on protecting as many of the 8000 jobs as possible, and making sure the employees will end up with one of the divisions of their new owners.

Negotiations with Lufthansa Group and easyJet, for parts of the insolvent carrier will continue through October 12th.

Lufthansa’s bid is focused on securing the 38 Airbus A319/320s it currently wet leases from the bankrupt airline. Lufthansa Group is also interested in AirBerlin subsidiaries LGW, Austria-based NIKI and 13 Airbus other A320s from AirBerlin’s fleet.
easyJet submitted an offer for up to 30 of AirBerlin’s A320s, which would operate mainly from Berlin Tegel.

 If the deals conclude as planned, there is every likelihood the €150 million ($178 million) bridge loan issued by German government agency KfW, can be repaid. Without the loan, AirBerlin would have been forced to ground the entire fleet on the weekend of August 12-13, which would have resulted in 8000 staff immediately loosing their jobs.

The airline believes around 6,200 jobs can be saved.