Qatar Airways announced an order for two more Boeing 747-8 freighters and four 777-300ER’s.

The additional freighters will be relatively quickly available and will support Qatar’s blockade busting efforts. The huge increase in freight capacity will go a long way to easing supply of imported goods (about 90% of Qatar’s requirements are imports).

The stand off in the Gulf has defied several US attempts at defusing it, but Qatar will not (and I don’t blame them) allow the neighbouring states to tell it what to do, so no resolution is in site. The heads of state of Qatar and UAE allegedly spoke on US sposnsored call and ended up insulting each other. 

Meanwhile Boeing is making a tidy sum. On top of that Qatar has quietly agreed with Airbus to accept the four A359’s it said it thought weren’t good enough, and have been sitting around at Toulouse. 

The Qatari’s who are by no means short of a trillion dollars in the bank, seem to have concluded aviation is their best way out of the blockade. More long range aircraft, with belly cargo space keeps the airline viable and the cargo flowing. Every kilogram of cargo that arrives in Qatar is one more turn loosening the pressure from the blockade, and its now stupid reasons for even existing.