Boeing-Bombardier dispute over CS100 ruling due Tuesday

It’s brought nothing but animosity, it threatens workers in Canada and the U.K. -4,500 jobs are at risk in Northern Ireland where the wings are made.

Boeing who can’t stomach any competition, accuses Bombardier of ‘dumping’ CS into the US market at ridiculously low price to get the Delta deal for just 75 aircraft. 

Canada has reacted very badly and sees the matter as bad faith, and anti-competition which it is. Britain’s Prime Minister has gotten involved and Canada has pretty much told Boeing if it wins it can forget the F-18 order for the RCAF.

Boeing doesn’t care. It’s conned the US military most of the way to buying more of the dated fighter, which was in dire danger of closing down production, and it won’t back down over some very minor competitor in its back yard.  A US Court makes a preliminary ruling on Tuesday and then the World Trade Organisation will be asked to rule against Canada, which if the judges go against it, is almost a formality.

Boeing of course is just as guilty of doing the same deals with its own 737 – it’s always discounting well below list price and everyone knows it. Airbus do the self-same thing. 

Boeing’s theory seems to be that if you drown the cub at birth, it won’t turn in to a tiger later.