Monarch conduct ‘strategic review’ looking at long haul

Troubled Monarch Airlines is conducting another strategic review, and could well reverse its current plans to stay as a short haul scheduled carrier on the lines of easyJet.

With 45 738Max on the way it seems a strange time to be looking at long haul as the option to go with. It seems though that the European short haul market is now so crowded, Monarch feels it might be able to compete in the new single aisle long haul market instead. That is still in its relative infancy. 

Monarch only departed from long haul two years ago with the removal of its pair of A332’s and the last European A310.

The 738Max can give it limited access to the US and Canada but to be a serious contender in mid sized aircraft long haul it’s going to have to compete with Tui, Norwegian, Thomas Cook, and potentially IAG’s Level; and that’s just in the UK. On top of that they’re up against Icelandair and WOW. Never mind BA’s determination to undermine low cost long haul with its 772’s, and Aer Lingus encouraging more people to fly to Dublin, go through US immigration and customs there, and arrive in the US as a domestic flight.

I’m not convinced Monarch has a future in Long Haul without significant investment and planning beyond its current abilities.