Airlines For America weigh in on Brexit

Alarmed as we all are, at the apparent paralysis of Britain’s negotiating methods over Brexit, and with just 18 months to go, barely a sensible result on even what the discussions should be have yet to emerge. 

Airlines for America have stepped into the debate, warning that with 140 flights a day from and to the UK and some $2 billion in passeneger and freight trade daily from the two countries crossing the Atlantic, something needs to be done. ALA urged the government to focus on what the consequences would be and the damage even one day of disruption can bring.

Frankly the current directionless and vacillating way the UK is going about this beggars belief – the entire thing looks to be set to end up with the worst result for everyone simply due to inaction.

You can guarantee it will be those who can afford it least who will suffer the consequences.