Delta waves goodbye to its 747’s

The final flights to Tokyo and back from Honolulu, then a stopover at LAX provided opportunities for many staff and passengers to say goodbye to Delta’s 744’s. 

Passenger groups booked entire segments of the aircraft to experience the final journeys.  Staff at Honolulu placed the traditional flower garland over the nose.

Once United withdraw their aircraft in November no US passenger airline will operate the 744. 

It was never a particularly popular choice for North American Airlines – much larger fleets were operated – and will remain active – with BA which recently refurbished 18 of theirs to keep them flying until 2023. Lufthansa has also said it will retain theirs until around the same period.

Only a small handful of airlines operate 744’s now in passenger services and other than the two above, they’re small in number for those that do. Qantas for example operates just 4.