Air Canada to deploy 737Max on routes to Ireland 

Shannon and Dublin will be the recipients of new routes, flying four days a week from Toronto and Montreal, when the 737-8 Max goes into service with Air Canada. 

The move is an interesting one and shows Air Canada is looking to get ahead of Norwegian, Icelandair, WOW and potentially Ryan Air by moving into their type of territory.

By offering routes to Dublin they make routing avialiable that enables Icelandair and WOW to be bypassed with a shorter routes from UK regional airports to Canada’s main eastern cities.  If you don’t mind a stopover to save money flying to Iceland, how about saving money and time?

The make it harder for Norwegian to compete in the future on the same routes – perhaps even dissuading them from starting in the first place. 

If Air Canada is prepared to work with easyJet’s new platform of working with any airline to book short-haul through long-haul ticketing without the usual complex interline agreements, that could transform access to Canada’s cities from parts of the UK, Ireland, and North Europe.