Top 10 longest flights

With longer range aircraft like the 789 and A359 comes the capability for longer routes. Airlines like Singapore and Qantas have asked for even longer ranges – the A359ULR is destined for the former to allow for a return to Singapore-New York services.

Qantas has asked for even more. It want’s to fly to London direct from Sydney, a flight of close on 20-21 hours, and has challenged the manufacturers to make it happen by 2022.

Meanwhile here’s a list of the current top 10:

1. Auckland to Doha, Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways claimed the record for the world’s longest flight, launching its non-stop service to New Zealand in February. The long-range Boeing 777 covers 14,535km and crosses 10 timezones during the journey, which clocks in around 17 hours and 30 minutes.

2. Auckland to Dubai, Emirates
The previous record-holder, Emirates, has been operating the direct flight to New Zealand’s largest city since March 2016. Using the Airbus A380, the flight covers 14,193km, and takes just over 17 hours. 

3. Dallas to Sydney, Qantas
Qantas began its non-stop service to Texas in September 2014. The 13,800km flight takes 15 hours 30 minutes in an Airbus A380. Before the A380, Qantas used to be able to make the trip to the US in the Boeing 744, but had to stop in Brisbane on the way back as the 744 didn’t have the range to fly all the way to Sydney.

4. Johannesburg to Atlanta, Delta Air Lines
Delta began operating its direct service to South Africa in June 2009, using the Boeing 777. The 13,581km flight takes approximately 16 hours and 40 minutes.

5. San Francisco to Singapore, Singapore Airlines/United Airlines
Both Singapore Airlines and United Airlines offer non-stop flights between San Francisco and Singapore; United launched its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner service in June 2016 and Singapore Airlines followed in October, using the Airbus A359. The 13,572km lasts approximately 16 hours and 30 minutes.

6. Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles, Etihad Airways
Etihad’s flight from the UAE to the US is the longest the Abu Dhabi-based airline offers, covering a distance of 13,473km in the Boeing 777. The airline has operated the flight, which takes just over 16 hours, since June 2014.

7. Dubai to Los Angeles, Emirates
The journey from Dubai to LA is only slightly shorter, at 13,414km. The airline launched the route in October 2008 using the Boeing 777, but changed to the Airbus A380 in December 2013. The flight takes just over 16 hours.

8. Jeddah to Los Angeles, Saudia
Saudi Arabia’s national carrier also makes the list with its LA offering, which it has operated since March 2014. The flight uses the Boeing 777, and covers 13,381km in just over 16 hours.

9. Doha to Los Angeles, Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways launched its direct flights to LA in January 2016, covering a distance of 13,367km and clocking in at just over 16 hours using the Boeing 777.

10. Dubai to Houston, Emirates
Emirates started its non-stop route to Texas in December 2007, covering 13,115km in just under 17 hours. The airline first used the Boeing 777, before upgrading to the A380 in 2014, before changing back to the 777 in 2016.