Korean Air 748i arrives in Australia for first time

It may seem extraordinary but the 748i is a rare site at many major airports. Some get more than others – Frankfurt of course gets most because of Lufthansa’s 19 strong fleet. Heathrow on the other hand sees few if any, as airlines prefer either A380’s or 777’s.

Major operators of the 748i are Lufthansa with 19, Korean Air with 10 and Air China with 4.  SFO gets the later 2 daily, and I believe that the only airport that’s had all three in one day is Washington Dulles.

So air spotters were delighted when Korean Air 748i HL7642 touched down at Sydney Airport in the early hours of Saturday morning as KE121 from Seoul Incheon.

The aircraft was on the ground for about one hour and 40 minutes before taking off as KE122.