Qantas plan major upgrade of A380 fleet

Qantas has been seeing a great deal of positive coverage lately, and seems like a reinvigorated airline after years of anguish. 

It announced the 789 fleet would be based in Brisbane which is a big deal for the maintenance facilities there, and then announced a massive investment in all 12 A380’s.

The refurbishment will be managed by Airbus and will commence in Q2 of 2019  completing in mid 2020. 

It’s been driven by a dramatic increase in demand for premium economy and business class seats on routes to the UK and US. Long haul routes where passengers seriously benefit from greater amenities and comfort, but importantly are prepared to pay for the privilege.

The refit will see 14 first class suites, business will rise from 64 to 70, and 789 type PE from 35 to 60. The popular upper deck economy section will go to make room. Economy seats will get improved comfort padding and bigger screens, business will be the ‘mini-first’ type to be used on the 789’s.

However some commentators think the new PE product used on the 789’s isn’t as good as it should be, and don’t think it’s equal to what Cathay or Singapore Airlines offer now.