Hi-Fly thinking big – is an A380 on the cards?

Portuguese ’emergency’ airline Hi-Fly has a high reputation for being able to supply aircraft at short notice, on wet lease for periods too busy for a few days but too quiet for a permanent placements. They offer specialist charters or on the spot one way flights as needed. It’s a successful business often booked up months in advance. 

With a small fleet of 13 aircraft, they operate A320, A321, A330, A343 and A345’s. Now it looks very much like they may be considering the A380. 

It would make sense, three European majors operate 34 between them, Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are not far away and there is plenty of work for a large aircraft during the Haj.  Never mind that some holiday airlines may just be prepared to wet lease one to a major US or European holiday resort in peak season. 

With Singapore Airlines returning 4 to Dr Peters and Doric leasing in the next 12 months and purchase or re-lease expected to be cheap, the opportunity is there. Not long after Emirates will start to shed its oldest aircraft on a rolling one in one out basis.

A used A380 fits Hi-Fly’s profile and I’d not be surprised to see it happen.