Pratt&Witney neos cause Indigo grief, Indian customs compound the problem 

InterGlobe Aviation owned Indian budget carrier IndiGo on Friday cancelled flights as the airline grounded more Airbus A320neo’s due to engine issues.

As many as 13 A320neo’s were/are grounded due to Pratt & Whitney-supplied engine issues, forcing the airline to cancel 84 flights Friday alone.

The frequent grounding of the A320neo’s is taking place due to multiple issues, including allegedly, a complete engine failure in one instance.

IndiGo executives say a total of 667 flights were cancelled between 21 June and 3 July this year, with 61 flights cancelled on 27 June alone, due to the grounding of the aircraft.

IndiGo president and full-time director Aditya Ghosh said in July, “Regrettably, there have been days when we have had to ground as many as nine A320neo’s due to lack of spare engines. While we do receive certain compensation from Pratt & Whitney for these groundings, the operational disruptions are quite challenging and we are not happy with that situation” Clearly since then the problem is worsening.

The sources also said that of the 667 flights cancelled by IndiGo in 13 days, a total of 504 flights were cancelled between 21 June and 30 June, while the remaining 163 were cancelled on the first three days of July.

The latest batch of cancellations has been aggravated by engine spare parts arriving in the country, but being delayed by administration issues and manpower shortages at Indian Customs, who’s sense of urgency is notoriously lacking.

In any event, that P&W have still failed to resolve the engines problems and a customer is suffering, its customers in turn are delayed or prevented from travelling is an extraordinarily poor situation.  Few engines have ever had such lengthy and varied issues in service. In my mind it questions the development, certification and implementation of the entire programme.