Delta moves regional jets in-house 

The mildly bizarre way US majors operate regional flying on the sub-100 seat class seems to be a game of musical chairs at times. Who owns or flies what, for who, under which flag, is like trying to decipher whose banner men belong to which house in Game of Thrones.

Delta branded CRJ900

1. Delta will take back 31 CRJ’s from SkyWest owned ExpressJet that it financed for them to fly.

2. The 31 CRJ’s will be transferred to Delta’s wholly owned subsidiary Endeavor Air.

3. The 31 CRJ are made up of 28×900’s and 3x 700’s requiring Minneapolis-based and Delta owned Endeavor, to open an Atlanta base to man and operate the jets.

4. ExpressJet has been flying 28×76 seat CRJ900’s and 33×70 seat CRJ700’s on a capacity contract using the Delta Connection brand.

5. Once the capacity agreement expires in November and the 31 Delta owned jets have been transferred to Endeavor, the 30 CRJ700’s will be used for ‘other partners’ ExpressJet flies for.

6. ExpressJet has improved its contracts with United Airlines with a new, five-year extension of its United ERJ145 contract from January 1st 2018.

Delta branded CRJ700

7. ExpressJet has reached agreement with American to add eight more CRJ700s flying under the American Eagle brand during the 2018 second quarter.
8. Delta owned Endeavor will increase its fleet to 154 aircraft by July 2018 by adding the 31 former ExpressJet-operated CRJs.

United branded ERJ145

9.  Endeavor will cut its 50-seat CRJ200 fleet from 58 to 42 aircraft. The total net gain in aircraft will be 15.  
10. Endeavor will close its Minneapolis CRJ200 crew base. It will continue to operate a CRJ900 crew base.
Really not complicated at all!