Austrian takes its last E-195 and prepares to retire last F-100’s

Austrian F-100 at Salzburg September 2016

Last September I deliberately organised our flights to Salzburg so that we got to fly on a pair of Fokker-100’s from Frankfurt. One was in full old-style livery, with sky blue and red interior, and the return a Star Alliance liveried version with a slightly different interior. Awesome aircraft, big comfortable seats, they felt a little special, different.  I knew it would be the one and only time I got to fly on them. 

Yesterday Austrian announced that it had taken delivery of the last of Lufthansa’s former CityLine E-195’s, and the final Fokker-100’s would be retired by the end of the year. They’d operated 21 of them at peak. It’s not been a good year for Fokker as the only other major European operator, KLM is withdrawing their last this year too, also replaced by Embraer’s.

Austrian is reporting that, despite their age the F-100’s use only 9% more fuel than the E-195. 

17 E-195’s are now operating on various city pairs from Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Brno and Salzburg, although many fly into Frankfurt for onward connections. Austrian has a set of permanent gates at the airport.

600 flight attendants, 200 pilots and 80 technicians have been trained on the Embraer’s. The airline’s Embraer fleet has an average age of four years and flies to more than 70 European destinations.