Romania’s Tarom looks set to return to long haul 

Tarom is one of only three operators in the EU with A318’s

Romanian airline Tarom has suffered from chronic under investment for years and has slowly started to pick itself up. Little more than a minor regional carrier, flying to key European and Balkan neighbours, it’s now looking to return to long haul.

 Tarom have requested tenders for the supply of two aircraft no older than 5 years, equipped with two engines, and must be current generation aircraft with the lowest possible fuel cost per trip and/or per seat. They must also have a capacity of 225 to 270 seats in two- or three-class configuration with a minimum range of 5,200 nautical miles. 

The aircraft should also feature inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi and leather seats. The widebodies are requested to be equipped with a crew rest area and must be EASA/FAA compliant. There is little that fits the description other than a 787 or an A330.

Tarom is allegedly keen to attract Chinese investment to Romania and flights to China are on top of the routes being considered. It says much about where modern economic and political power now lies. Thirty years ago it would have been New York, not Beijing on top of the list.