Brexit be damned: easyJet bookings storm ahead…


It doesn’t matter that the vote was a year ago, the politics have largely gone out of it, it’s now about negotiations, but that doesn’t stop the UK public’s demand for seats to Europe or dramatic increases in demand from other European airports.

Why does it matter? It shows that Brits want to go abroad to Europe on holiday, on business – they’re globally one of the most travelled nationalities on the planet, 87% have a passport – one of the highest percentages in the world (Australia is in No.1 position, and compared to barely 11% of US Citizens).


This cannot be lost on Government when it comes to ensuring aviation gets a good open skies deal with Europe, come March 29th 2019.

Luton Aiport alone according to OAG, showed 55,134 extra seat sold on EZ so far this year, Manchester nearly 28,000. However easyJet’s growing presence filling the gaping market left by a curtailed Alitalia – and people’s lack of trust in the airline, has seen huge growth at Venice, Naples, Milan and Olbia (Sardinia). Nice, London Gatwick and Lisbon have also shown significant growth in a few short months. Sweden has seen an increase of 184% this year alone, though it’s still quite small. Croatia and Poland have both grown enormously too, both exceeding 30% growth year on year.

easyJet is highly representative of Airlines across Europe – it sits in the middle between Ryan Air’s ultra low-cost model, and the bottom end of the legacy carriers like BA and Lufthansa, its fares aren’t always that cheap, though there are always bargains if you book at the right time.

If easyJet is growing at this pace others are close behind, but for now it’s still a British company. It’s got the ability to become Austrian at the drop of a hat now it has its AOC, nobody – not even easyJet wants that, so European open skies are essential for British aviation and economic well-being post Brexit.