FlyDubai effectively becomes Emirates Regional sub-brand


This was, in anyones view, pretty much inevitable. Emirates one weakness – unlike its Etihad and Qatar competitors, was a lack of local through flights to the states neighbours, on smaller regional aircraft. The new “extensive partnership” agreement with Fly Dubai, covers matching schedules and through traffic and luggage.

On top of that Emirates went out of their way in Paris to make sure that “we’re not competing” was the mantra of the moment. The fact that FlyDubai essentially stopped being an LCC, and moved up with business and lie flat seats, along with a better service offering, meant it was tailor-made to fit Emirates customer base.

Nothing worth talking about is left out of this partnership. It’s probably as comprehensive as any agreement US airlines make with regional airlines, except Fly Dubai won’t lose its separate identity. Yet.

I say yet because both airlines are owned by the ame investment company, effectively a state-owned management group, and both have the same chairman.