Berlin Brandenburg to get terminal  extension and it hasn’t even opened yet! 

The supervisory board of the still unopened Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport, which is six years late, has decided to build a T-1 extension in expectation of increased passenger numbers. 

For a minute I thought it was April Fools Day, the airport which has suffered delays from ageing unused equipment having to be maintained, and a fire suppression system that had to be ripped out and replaced, because it just didn’t work, added to security doors and monitoring that was mis-wired, and on and on, is still looking to the future. It should have opened in 2011.

Airport authorities are still looking to the future and feel predicted passenger numbers will have risen when the airport opens late next year, and certainly by 2025. $100 million has been set aside for the project.

Meanwhile if you want a tour, an agency in Berlin runs airside coach runs to the vast complex. Don’t expect to see passengers and aircraft!