Prime time for PRIME AIR: Amazon’s cargo arm gets its first big test…

Prime time for Prime Air

Amazon will be putting its new fleet of Prime Air Cargo branded 767-300F and 200F’s into full flight and maximizing their use as ‘Prime day’ comes to an end in the US – its biggest selling day of the year. With 25 aircraft and 15 more on order, covering 12 US airports.

Amazon is expecting big things as its goods are moved quickly to destination customers. The problem may actually be at the other end, with too many trucks and too much to process at Amazon’s distribution points.

The new fleet has multiple origins, from LAN Cargo, American Airlines, Nordwind and many others, some ex-freighters and some newly converted. There are 7 previous airlines aircraft, so far only one has winglets, and they’re split between Boeing specified conversions (BDSF), and the BCF with the winglets that came from LAN Cargo.