Norwegian starts up its Trans-Atlantic Max routes


Norwegian has started its potentially formative Belfast to Providence and Stewart route, the Cork to Providence, Dublin to Stewart, Bergen, Dublin, Shannon to Providence, and Bergen to Stewart routes.

In many ways these are potentially highly formative, even revolutionary in that they take what was once a long haul crossing and turn it into a routine single-aisle mid-haul route, giving potentially tens of thousands of customers access to Providence – which is a unique and beautiful destination in its own right, as well as up-state New York and New York City from Stewart. If Norwegian does agree with Ryan Air to operate through-flights on a code share basis, this could transform low cost European Trans-Atlantic East Coast travel.

My interest will be in seeing if Norlwegian can manage it on its own for long. Ryan Air is deeply predatory, and I just cannot see them getting their 737-8 Max’s and not wanting to try the same thing – especially if Norwegian makes it appear successful. The only down side to that will be if US regulators try to make it more difficult.

It also can’t be too long before JetBlue or one of the other US airlines realsise there’s a market they can compete in.

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