A380 options loom for owners 

The first A380’s from Singapore Airlines will be returned in the last quarter of 2017. Four of them are due to returned to their Swiss based owner. 

The facts point to the strong possibility, that if nobody wants the first two – though an Asian low cost and one other are in discussion to take them on lease – parting out is actually a very real possibility. They’re worth £120 million on lease over 10 years, but the same amount as that if they’re broken up. On top of that A380 spares are non-existent on the secondhand market, and a pair broken up would make a lot of sense. 

A new A380 is $2 million a month on lease. At ten years old this is around $1.4 million.  IAG has said it would look at second hand A380’s, if they were not too expensive to refurbish.  Options exist but scrap is also far higher up the choice list than many would have thought likely.