Emirates drops 777’s for A380’s at BHX


The story of Emirates at BHX is one of ever-growing progression.

They started with a 772. Then that turned into a 772 & 773, which turned into 2 773’s, which turned into 2 773’s and an A380, wich recently dropped to 1 773 and an A380 and is now to be upgraded again, to two A380’s.

Flights EK39 and 40 will lose their 773ER at lunchtime and the route will transfer to a morning and late evening 615 seat A380, from the start of the winter season on October 29th.

You have to cut away the PR from a long rambling press release, telling you how everyone wants to fly on an A380, how marvellous Emirates seats are, and how lucky everyone is to be getting to fly in them, but the fact is winter is peak time to fly to, or via Dubai to get to Australia.

Two A380’s a day = 1,230 seats, whereas the old 2x 773ER + 1 A380 = 1,553. Allowing for the overall reductions in passenger numbers Emirates has experienced globally, capacity with two A380’s rises by just 188 seats, relatively modest for peak season, and easier and more economical to fill than a third daily flight on a 777 which would also bring too much capacity.