BA Staff Walk Out and flights get cancelled


If BA ever had a hope of endearing itself to its staff or its customers, today is not that day, as so called “Mixed Fleet” Cabin Crew embark on another 16 day strike. BA tries to ignore these problems and blames crew for being unreasonable – it rarely ever gives in, but life is getting beyond a joke for many.

BA junior cabin crew barely get much past minimum wage, most cannot afford to live anywhere near Heathrow, have the expense of running a car and often sleep overnight parked up in vehicles to be ready for their next shift, as they can’t afford London hotel prices. Most earn barely £14,000 a year. BA is in effect running a full service airline on Ryan Air pay and conditions and they think that’s OK.

Partly they get away with it because the reality of working for such poor pay is outweighed by the perceived glamour and prestige of newcomers – there’s always a waiting list in the thousands for jobs, so to BA turn over of staff, who barely last 6 months in a growing number of cases, doesn’t really matter.

Frankly I had higher hopes that new MD Alex Cruz would have seen things a little differently, but BA doesn’t seem to care what passenegers think, because like it’s underpaid cabin crew, there’s always more to fill the void.