Aeroflot to buy A350’s in $8 billion deal

Mockup of the A350-800, Aeroflot was one of the buyers for the aircraft that will not be built

Aeroflot is in final negotiations to buy 28 Airbus A350-900’s. Following the restoration of ties with Turkey, a huge holiday market and business point for Russian travellers, the improvement in the value of the rouble – but mostly the forced demise of Transaero, Aeroflot feels comfortable in making the order.

Transaero’s fleet, largely on lease and incorporated into Aeroflot is older, with 744’s and older 777’s. Russia sees a strategic down side to being connected to Boeing because of ongoing sanctions imposed against the country, which makes the future of spares and parts unreliable.  This was partly behind the decision two years ago to drop the 787 order.

Aeroflot will increase capacity in an ‘orderly and restrained fashion’ so as not to damage revenues. Deliveries will not increase overall seat numbers more than 8-12% a year.

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