Zimbabwe Airways rebrands, leases four 772’s


Air Zimbabwe has somehow managed to lease four ex-Malaysian Airlines 772’s and rebranded in the process. Zimbabwe’s economy has been in melt-down for years, with chronic inflation coupled to rampant corruption, and its own currency is almost worthless.

The European Union recently banned the airlines old aircraft saying they were a security risk. Getting the funding to lease the aircraft seems to have come after geriatric President Robert Mugabe and his cronies, found themselves on foreign chartered aircraft on his frequent medical visits to the far east.  The ever paranoid dictator, who has run the country for nearly 40 years is bothered by the possibility of being kidnapped by foreign agents.

A new CEO has also been appointed to manage the airline and to get it back into Europe, hoping more redundancies, and a rebrand, along with the new aircraft, will help bolster its fortunes.