Another A330 returns to Oz as engine fails

An Air Asia X A330-343 returned to Perth yesterday after an incident which appears to be a fan blade having smashed its way out of the nacelle. Passengers described the aircraft as though they were in “a washing machine on spin dry”, with noise levels and vibrations to match.

There have been a worrying number of similar incidents involving A330’s this year with Rolls Royce Engines. Malaysia’s Transport minister is demanding that all Malaysian owned airlines double down on maintenance and ensure that problems don’t occur.

There is a great deal of concern in the region that the budget carriers especially, skimp on maintenance and may have insufficient qualified technical staff to manage their burgeoning aircraft fleets.

The aircraft affected was 9M-XXE.9m-xxe-airasia-x-airbus-a330-343_PlanespottersNet_295937.jpg