Welcome to AviationNews.online!

This is the start of something new and will bring you a better service. Readership of the 1400Reviews Facebook news page has continued to grow at a pace, and feedback from many of you tells me that it’s on the right flightpath. Reporting and providing insight on major events, but finding those hard to reach stories from around the world that can transform our understanding of our favourite industry. By putting things into context, in a straightforward and concise way, you get a better picture, and a deeper understanding – and you don’t have to read a twenty page report to do it.

To start with comments on WordPress will remain open to all – just as they do on Facebook, but feel free to comment on one or both. We’ll see where it goes and decide how to proceed once it’s had some time to get established. All I ask is keep it civil and on point.

You cannot divorce airlines and the aviation industry from politics, if context requires it, comment will be made, but this is not a political page.

Advertising will come up – please don’t block WordPress ads, they’re fairly innocuous and the money pays for this upgrade to the news pages. Any adblocker has a whitelist so please add AviationNews.online to it, and 1400Reviews.com as well while you’re at it!

I sincerely hope this upgrade will work for everyone, constructive feedback is always welcome.

Live date is planned for July 10th, but expect stories to appear before that if everything appears to be up and running post-UAT.

Thank you, as ever, for supporting me, 1400reviews.com and AviationNews.online both here, and on Facebook and twitter.

Kind regards


Jon Champs